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ANS Oyster Shell XL with Net - pH Stabilizing (800g/2500g)

by ANS
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Is your aquarium water too soft? Or perhaps you're facing pH fluctuations.
ANS Oyster shells are a perfect addition to increase and buffer your aquarium pH. This is achieved as the shells dissolve gradually over time, increasing the mineral content and hardening your water.

ANS Oyster Shells are great additions for fishes that prefer hard water, such African Malawi Cichlids. Not only do they help with water parameters, they also beautify the aquarium, and provide activities for the fishes and growth surfaces for beneficial bacteria.



  • Increase and stabilise ph and kh.
  • Natural oyster will slowly dissolve and release carbonates and calcium ions into the water.
  • It increase and stabilise the PH and KH over 6 months and prevent dangerous ph crash or swing in aquarium/pond.
  • The oyster shells are thoroughly wash and further cleaned to remove any leftover organic residues.
  • Suitable for canister filters, internal filters, top filters, trickle filters, pond filtration and sump filtration.


  • 2.5kg bag for 1000-2000L
  • 0.8kg bag for 300-500L