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ANS Turly Rocks (5 - 40cm) per kg

by ANS
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  • Greyish brown base colour
  • Jagged surface makes it perfect for Aquascaping
  • Jagged surface provides lots of mechanical locking points
  • Slightly raises the aquarium hardness
  • Heavy and great for weighing down plants etc.
  • Heavy weight increases stability when stacked

Turly stones are beautiful, heavy stones that are perfect for aquascaping. Their base color helps lend the aquariums a very natural look.
Turly stone have very jagged surfaces which makes them easy to stack, or scape with.
They are heavy and sit very firmly on most substrates, providing a very stable base to build upon.
Please note that turly stones may increase your water hardness.

How much you need to order:

Tank Size

 How many rock needed (this is for pure rock scape,
divide by half if you are mixing wood and rock)

30 x 18 x 24 Small x 1kg + Medium x 2kg
36 x 22 x 26 Small x 1kg + Medium x 2kg
45 x 30 x 27 Small x 1kg + Medium x 4kg
60 x 30 x 36 Small x 1kg + Medium x 4kg + Large x 6kg

Size of rock  how many pcs
Small 4 - 7pcs per 1 kg
Medium 2pcs per 3kg
Large 1pcs per 4 - 7kg