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Plants have conflicting softwater / hardwater requirements.

APT SKY removes the hassle of having to choose between softwater and hardwater plants. For softwater tanks, it boosts shrimp health and reproduction.

The catch? It does require Softwater or Reverse Osmosis (RO) water to begin with. At the moment, there is no easy way to make Hardwater ’Soft’.

Precision Matters

Conventional ‘RO remineralisers’ raise GH but almost all inadvertently alter NPK values.

Most add an excessive amount of Potassium, for example. This in turn interferes with optimal fertilisation.

APY SKY adds Calcium, Magnesium, trace minerals and natural seaweed extract, in a way that uniquely leaves NPK intact.

Smart Savings

As a GH booster, APT SKY is ~ 3X as concentrated as conventional remineralisers. Each 3.5g / 5ml per 60L adds 12ppm Calcium and 3.5ppm Magnesiumm, raising GH by 2.5 dGH.

Did we mention that it is super-soluble, non-caking and just a joy to handle?

Find out more at 2Hr Aquarist APT SKY - The 2Hr Aquarist