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Aquadecor Background M2 (for Juwel Tank)

– Flexible and durable
– Don’t need to be siliconed and can be installed in a full aquarium
– Hollow at the back (all equipment can be placed behind the background)

FAQ : 
1. 5 years warranty : 
This means that, if during that period something happens, we will send you a replacement background, in the same color, model and size. In order to accept your claim, we will need to receive a few photos that clearly show the damage, and the proof of payment. We don’t accept claims in case you mishandle the background, modified it in any way (coated with anything, used another paint to modify the color, etc.).

If you have fish that eat snails, and think they could bite into the background, make sure
to let us know in advance. Some fish with particularly strong bite can damage some of
the products.
In this case, we might suggest another model, such as E or G models, which are
extremely durable.

for more infomation and FAQ :