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AquaForest Shrimp GH+ 250ml

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Professional preparation for mineralizing RO water, designed especially for breeding shrimps, especially Bee and Cristal species. Thanks to the use of natural ingredients, it enriches the water with all the minerals necessary for the aquarium inhabitants and guarantees the perfect water parameters. The unique formula was enriched with iron. It supplements the water with calcium, magnesium and potassium in the perfect ratio. It prevents inadequate levels of the elements that  could lead to serious moulting and reproduction problems of shrimps. The liquid form provides easy and comfortable use. The perfect selection of ingredients leaves the water perfectly clear, without haziness or white tint. It guarantees healthy growth of shrimps and the proper moulting. Proper water mineralization allows the shrimp to take all the necessary minerals directly from the water, including calcium necessary for building and hardening the shell.



  • The product increases the total hardness (GH), leaving the carbonate hardness unchanged (KH)
  • Mineralizes RO, deionized and distilled water
  • Provides essential minerals Guarantees perfect water parameters



  • For GH 5 - 3 ml/5 l of water\
  • Mix with water outside the aquarium
  • After mixing, the water is ready to use immediately


Due to the high content of minerals, sediment may appear in the bottom of the bottle, this is completely natural and does not indicate a product defect. The sediment also doesn’t affect the clarity of the water using in the aquarium.