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WaterFall Decoration JM72 (for 45x27x30cm Tank)


Create a mesmerizing underwater paradise with Water-Fall Deco JM72. This standalone decoration brings the calming effect of a waterfall into your aquarium, using sand to mimic the beauty of cascading water. Watch your fish play amongst this unique, eye-catching feature.

Standalone decoration can be added into your existing aquarium.
Come with: 
1. Sand-Fall Decoration
2. White Sand (for Sand-fall feature)
3. Water Pump (to operate the Sand-fall feature)

we can also incorporate this decoration with our setup service and a tank.
45 x 27 x 30cm tank is recommended for this decoration.

what is included
1. Crystal Glass Tank (45 x 27 x 30cm)
2. Live Plants
3. Gravel/ Sand
4. Sand-fall Decoration
5. Setup Service