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BIOLOARK Dew Glass Cup (Micro Terrarium) MY Series


The Dew Glass Cup by Bioloark is an elegant glass for creating micro landscapes or wabi kusa and it is a beautifully designed addition to any aquascaping collection. The beautiful small jars with matching lids are perfect for recreating an entire landscape or highlighting individual plants.

For ideal circulation inside, the lid is equipped with an inward-facing, drop-shaped condensation drain, which ensures that any evaporation water that arises can go straight back into the landscape. Small holes are integrated in the glass for reliable ventilation. The glasses are the ideal eye-catcher on a desk or a bright surface to bring a piece of nature into the room.

  • Very beautiful small Terra glasses from Bioloark
  • Perfect for beautiful Wabi-Kusa,¬†Ideal for mosses & mini plants
  • Set of¬† High quality clear glass with matching lid
  • Ventilation holes & condensation drain
  • Glass thickness: 3 mm
  • Different dimension avaliable

Together with Bioloark's Wabi-Kusa lamp DX led lamp, specially designed for Dew Glass Cups, your home or workplace will get a skillfully staged piece of nature!


Dew Glass  MY-120 

Diameter 120mm

Height 120mm

Volume 1L

Dew Glass  MY-120H 

Diameter 120mm

Height 175mm

Volume 1.8L

Dew Glass  MY-150 

Diameter 150mm

Height 160mm

Volume 2L

Dew Glass  MY-150H

Diameter 150mm

Height 235mm

Volume 4L

Dew Glass  MY-180

Diameter: 180 mm

Height: 200mm

Volume: 4.5L

Dew Glass MY-180H

Diameter: 180mm

Height: 270mm

Volume: 6.5L

For lighting, we recommend using Bioloark DX led lamp or weekaqua lamp.

Terrarium, Kokedama, Wabi Kusa, Nano

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