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biOrb LIFE 60 MCR Clear

by biOrb
Sold out
SKU BIO45904

Framed Aquarium

Framed Aquarium Innovative decorative aquarium with coloured frame

MCR light unit *varies by model* 

16 different colours. Four different time cycles can be set for light change.

Standard LED lighting *varies by model* 

Energy-efficient, standard LED lighting, classic switch-on/switch-off and robust.

Air pump

The pump for water circulation runs with low voltage and is compatible with the biOrb transformer. Suitable for all biOrb aquariums.


Filter cartridge

So that cleaning is an easy matter, simple mechanism for changing. The filter cartridge contains chemical filter media, as well as a foam element for mechanical filtration.

12 V transformer

Safe power supply through low 12 volt, two connections available for the light unit and the air pump.

Air stone

Regulates the flow of air bubbles.