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biOrb Sea Star Rock Ornament

by biOrb
Sold out
SKU BIO46132

  • For the shaping of a unique ambience

  • Perfect for the decorative sheathing of the air tube, thanks to the opening on the bottom of the sculpture intended for this purpose

  • 360 degree model: nice to look at from all sides

  • Easy to clean and quickly removed, a new ambience consistently occurs

  • True-to-life, high-quality workmanship and firm stance

  • Exclusive design of the renowned Samuel Baker

  • Stylish sculpture, in terms of colour somewhat reserved, which most beautifully contrasts with richly coloured decorative elements

  • Suitable for biOrbs 30L and larger, biUbe, biOrb LIFE 30, 45 and 60L and biOrb FLOW 30.

  • Height 21cm.