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OASE ScaperLine 60 (Crystal Tank And Grey Cabinet)

by Oase
SKU OAS87983
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Volume in litres (L) : 75
Aquarium dimensions (L x W x H) (cm) : 60 x 35 x 35
Glass thickness (mm) : 6
Dimensions (L x W x H) (cm) : 60 x 35 x 116
Net weight (kg) : 48.50
Guarantee (Years) : 2
Number of lights (Units) : 0


Key Features,

  • Optiwhite glass for vibrant colours
  • Bevelled edges
  • Practical storage of aquascaping tools and a clean look



  • DETAILED DESIGN: Aquascapers have given it a lot of thought and have incorporated practical details into the ScaperLine aquarium combination that are second to none
  • CLEAN LOOK: The cable duct on the cabinet and the specially polished glass edges ensure clear contours and give your artwork an aesthetic frame
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: The practical magnetic tool holder in the base cabinet keeps your aquascaping tools or a towel in easy reach – for easier setup and care
  • WELL COORDINATED: The aquarium and base cabinet complement each other perfectly and the tank joins seamlessly with the cabinet – with no unsightly edges
  • CABLE AND HOSE FEED-THROUGH: The cable and hose feed-throughs on both sides, either of which can be closed up as required, ensure an organised aquarium, depending on the number of cables and hoses
  • CONVERSION TO A ROOM DIVIDER: The optional room divider plate, which can be mounted on the back of the cabinet, makes it possible to turn the ScaperLine into a room divider
  • PULL-OUT FILTER DRAWER: The external filter can be easily cleaned with the convenient pull-out filter drawer
  • MATCHING ENSEMBLE: The aquariums and base cabinets of the OASE ScaperLine range are perfectly coordinated and boast well-thought-out, practical details


Dive into the world of aquascaping
Breath-taking landscapes, impressive formations and colourful plants – create your own artwork and be inspired by our new ScaperLine series.

Aquascaping unites passion and creativity: High-quality materials, plants and fish – plus a little care and patience – are as important to this philosophy as being able to enjoy your own design for a long time after it's complete. These projects are constantly evolving, especially depending on how you arrange your plants – so there's always something new to captivate you. The beauty of nature serves as the basis and inspiration for aquascaping, which ensures that there are no limits to your imagination. The OASE ScaperLine can help you get the most out of your new creation. 


The ideal framework for the art of aquascaping
The innovative ScaperLine series is the perfect aid to selecting the elements for and creating your aquatic landscape: This claim extends to all of our materials, products and technology. For us, there is no trade off between functionality and design – they should complement each other to create a holistic concept. 


Flawless illumination
OptiWhite glass provides authentic, bright colours. The edges of these mitre-cut glass walls are carefully glued together by hand, creating a stylish, bright frame for your work of art. 


Nuance, manufacturer-quality design
The cabinet and aquarium share the same flush lines thanks to the push-to-open function and the lack of external handles. This ensures that the aquarium remains the centre of attention. 


Functional features
OASE has integrated innovative and functional elements specially designed to meet the needs of real aquascapers – each one has been custom-designed to work perfectly with the others to reflect the philosophy of aquascaping.


The cable bushing in the cabinet can be closed using a clever magnetic system and is almost invisible.

The cabinet for our ScaperLine series is equipped with a pull-out shelf, which can be used to house the OASE BioMaster external filter. Towels and nets can also be hung from the relevant fixtures.

Magnets have been added to the inside of the door specially for holding scaper tools such as scissors, tweezers and other equipment – so everything is exactly where you need it to be.

A back panel can be mounted on the base cabinet, allowing you to admire your work of art from a wide range of perspectives. It also lets you easily transform your aquarium into a room divider. Pilot holes have already been drilled into the back of the cabinet to simplify the mounting process.