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Dennerle Bucephalandra spec. 'Serimbu Brown' In-Vitro

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Growth height - 8 cm Origin country Borneo
Usage Aquascaping, NanoCube Type Rhizompflanze
Family Araceae Species Bucephalandra
Breeding Teilung des Rhizom Growth speed langsam
pH 5 - 8 Water hardness 4 - 14 °dh

Diese Bucephalandra war eine der ersten eingeführten Arten aus West – Kalimantan, dem indonesischen Teil von Borneo. Der englische Sortenname Brownie bezieht sich auf die geringe Größe und das langsame This Bucephalandra was one of the first species introduced from West Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. The designation “Brownie” refers to its small size and slow growth. The leaves are narrow-elliptic and have entire margins. The colour of the leaves can vary from dark olive green to reddish brown, depending on the intensity of light. Bucephalandras belong to the Araceae family, just like the Anubias and Cryptocorynes. From time to time, the typical flower heads may also develop under water.