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Dennerle Lobelia Cardinalis Mini

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  • Lobelia cardinalis ´Mini´ is an attractive cultivar.
  • This dwarf form has smaller, rounder leaves than the species, and is a fantastic complement to the foreground of larger aquariums and Nano Cubes.
  • Compact growth is assured with a good supply of nutrients, sufficient CO2, and adequate light.
  • Offshoots can be cut and replanted at any time. This produces a lovely space full of these attractive mini Lobelias.

Growth height 10 - 15 cm Origin country Zuchtform
Usage Aquascaping, NanoCube Type Stängelpflanze
Family Lobeliaceae Species Lobelia
Breeding Kopfsteckling Growth speed langsam
pH 6 - 8 Water hardness 10 - 20 °dh