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DiscusFood Pleco & Catfish Algae Wafers (Sinking Wafers) - (50/150g)

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Great tasty Algae wafers for pleco and catfish

The ingredients of Pleco & Catfish Algae Wafers imitate the nutrition composition of aufwuchs. The wafers are not pressed waste powder of other food production.

This food is made like granules, only shaped in small chips. Granules are made by an extruder process. That is the best way to produce dry fish food. This way of feed production does not need heat. All valuable nutrients and vitamins survive. This give the fishes the highest possible nutrients available! 

Composition: Bacterial protein form corynebacterium glutamicum, algae (10% kelp and 8% spirulina), cereals, vegetables, vegetable protein extracts, insects (10%), krill (MSC certified, 5%), minerals, herbal extracts.

Analysis: crude protein 39.4%, crude fat 4.2%, crude fiber 5.3%, crude ash 9.6%

***It is advised to feed your fishes as per the instructions. Over feeding may lead to algae blooms and/or poor water quality.