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DiscusFood Royal Catappa (Heals & Reduces Diseases / Infections)

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One of the most powerful antibacterial natural products
It has natural antibiotic and fungicidal properties.

It supports and strengthens the immune system of your fish. It can significantly improve the quality of the fish water by reducing germs. The spawn is better protected against fungus. Fish suffering from fin rot and infections can recover faster. All these factors have a positive effect in the fight against fish diseases, such as the white spot disease in tetras, the so called pop eye disease and the hole in the head disease in discus fish. Especially the mucous membranes are protected.

This rich premium concentrate is particularly suitable for setting up a new aquarium, as well as for the installation of a breeding tank. When keeping sensitive fish species, as well as during the transport of a fish into a new aquarium, during a bacterial disease of the fish or during the spawning phase of discus fish and other species, you can create water suitable for fish using a 100% natural product.

Add 10ml of the concentrate once per week & after each water changing to 100l of aquarium water. For the treatment of diseases and fungus, the dosage can easily be increased to 20ml or 30ml. Not suitable for human consumption. Please store in a cool and dry place

500 ml bottle for 5000 ltrs

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