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DYT Mini Chiller for up to 30L (No Installation needed)

by DYT
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Mini Chiller for up to 30L aquarium.  Clip on and use immediately
Easy to install. Just hang on your aquarium, switch on power and its done.
No Piping required
Thermoelectric Peltier Technology, no compressor and refrigerant. An absolutely eco-friendly product.
The DYT external hanging chiller operates directly within the tank, enhancing cooling efficiency without extra power.
Uses 316L Stainless cooling pipes. No chance of rust or leaching harmful elements to the water. Safe for use for sensitive shrimps, fishes, marine corals or jellyfishes
Uses external probe sensor which is accurate.

Use in freshwater: Planted aquarium, shrimp tanks, topical fish tanks
Use in Marine: Reef tanks, marine fish tanks, Jellyfish tanks
Use in terrarium: Chill air in enclosed terrarium for frogs and invertebrates.

Model No.: AQ-75C
Dimension : 21 x 22.5 x 10cm
Power : 75 watts
DC 12V
Weight : 1.2KG
Made in Taiwan with 1 year warranty.

 Aquarium Size Cooling Capacity (Up to)
10 Liter 8 Degree Celsius 
20 Liter 6 Degree Celsius
30 Liter 4 Degree Celsius


Suggestion for crystal shrimp keepers!

During warm weather conditions, crystal shrimps require additional cooling. The DYT mini chiller, specifically crafted for this purposes. Traditionally, chill water equipment need the circulation of water outside the tank through a water pipe, motor, or power barrel for cooling before returning it to the fish tank. This method often resulted in temperature fluctuations during water transportation due to environmental factors and the length of the water pipe. Additionally, both the motor and DIY cooling systems require electricity. The DYT external hanging chiller operates directly within the tank to decrease the temperature without the need for extra power, enhancing cooling efficiency by direct contact with the tank water.

For those curious about specifications, it operates on DC 12V with 75W power and features an adjustable temperature difference setting to regulate its operation. For instance, when set at 25 degrees Celsius with a 1-degree temperature difference, the chiller will halt operation at 25 degrees Celsius and resume at 26 degrees Celsius.

Remarkably quiet during operation, akin to the sound of a fan, the chiller remains inactive when the room's air conditioner is on or in cool environment. For shrimp keepers, if you have one or two tanks, it will be inefficient to use air conditioner just for the tank. Utilizing the chiller when you are away (air conditioner is switch off), helps maintain the tank temperature. It will complementing your home cooling system and help to regulate temperatures till you return home. A convenient and effective solution!