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EIHO Aqua GH (multi minerals for fishes)

by Eiho
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SKU EI0102

Replenish GH for DI/RO or soft water
Replace natural minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium)
Brings out natural colour and behavior for soft water fish.

AQUA GH is specially formulated to increase minerals in water that are needed by fishes. It restores the GH minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium) which are often lacking in tap water and DI/RO water.

Often water source from tap and RO systems do not contain the necessary minerals needed by fishes to be in good health. In the natural environment, water is constantly mineralised by the acidification of river rocks. A closed environment such as an aquarium usually lack calcium and magnesium.

The water quality that fish live in is crucial for a proper balance of minerals and water in the body. An aquarium environment is often low in minerals, and this will affect newly introduced fishes from the natural environment. This unbalance will put fishes under stress and may cause death.

Add 1cap (5ml) for every 50L to raise 2 dGH. For small tropical fishes, discus, arowana, pelcos, keep GH at 2-4dGH. For goldish and koi, keep GH at 3-8dGH. Do not raise more than 2dGH daily. Constant addition of AQUA GH will improve health and colouration of fish. If the environment is stable, the fish natural spawning behavior will be enhanced.

GH (minerals such as calcium, magnesium) and KH (carbonate hardness which is buffering capacity) should not be confused.