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EIHO Buffer pH 6.5 220g (stabilise pH at 6.5)

by Eiho
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Buffer pH 6.5 - Adjust pH to 6.5 safely
For tetras, angels, discus fishes

Buffer pH 6.5 is a formulated buffer to adjust and maintain pH of water to 6.5 up to 50 days. Most freshwater fishes, such as tetras, angelfishes, discus, German rams, will love and thrive under this pH range of 6.4-7.0.

WHY IS BUFFER IMPORTANT? It helps to maintain and prevent large pH swings in aquaria which can cause huge, sudden loss in livestock. Buffer pH 6.5 is a mix of phosphate buffer safe for use on most freshwater community fishes. It also helps to soften water in overly hard water by precipitating calcium and magnesium. Buffer pH 6.5 can be use during water change or when needed to adjust pH to 6.5.

Use 5ml (5g) for 60-150L. Can be added once daily until pH needed is reached. The pH can be maintained for 30-50 days. During water change, please add quantity needed for water that has been replaced.