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EIHO Chito Clear (clears water naturally)

by Eiho
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EIHO Chito Clear

Clarifies cloudy water using natural polymer
Aids in binding organic waste
Does not affect pH

CHITO CLEAR is a specially formulated clarifying solution containing natural polymer (chitosan). This natural polymer binds dirt, micro-particles and oil in the water, which will be then trapped in the filter media so water is restored to clear and pristine conditions. Results can be seen after the first usage. Constant addition will also aid in the removal of organic waste and reduce ammonia, phosphate build up. CHITO CLEAR is safe to be use with fishes, invertebrates and plants.

The active polymer, chitosan is safe and natural. There will not be long term accumulation in the aquarium. This is unlike most common water clearing agent which contains heavy metals such as aluminum or iron. The accumulation of heavy metals will affect the health of fishes. Furthermore, CHITO CLEAR is a clarifying solution that will not create pH swing, so it can also be used in aquariums with low carbonate hardness.

Use (1cap) 5ml for every 50L. For best result, please use with filter wool, filter sock or sand filter. Water clarity will improve after first usage. In some cases, water may increase in cloudiness after usage, this shows CHITO CLEAR is actively binding and will clear up after 24 hours. To further improve clarity and aid in removal of organic waste, please add once a week.

Active ingredients: Chitosan