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EIHO Kana Plus

by Eiho
SKU EI0213

EIHO Kana Plus

Treats bacteria and fungus infections

Treats dropsy, septicemia, fin, tail, body rot

Medication easily absorbed by fish

KANA PLUS is a powerful broad spectrum treatment against infections caused by gram-negative, gram-positive bacteria and fungus. The main advantage is that kana plus is easily absorbed through skin and gills, and does not need to be ingested to be effective. Thus, it is an excellent treatment for internal bacteria infection and targeted treatment for fishes that has lost appetite. Suitable for freshwater and marine aquarium.

Treats bacteria and fungus infection that cause:

Cloudy eyes, Popeye and body slime or fungus

Open wounds such as red sores, bites, ulcers

Fin, skin, gill or tail rot




Use 2.5ml (2g) for 50L. For best results, treat for period of 5-7 days. For full course treatment, add medication on day 1, 3 and 5. We recommend a 25% water change before adding medication each time. Remove activated carbon and turn off UV during treatment. Prevent handling the medication directly with hand. Please use the glove or the spoon provided

Active ingredients: Kanamycin Sulfate

Available in 60g, 850g