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EIHO Plant GH Plus 180g

by Eiho
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EIHO Plant GH Plus increase general hardness of water with essential minerals and trace elements. In soft water (GH less than 2dkh), water plants have less available minerals for growth. This mineral deficiency environment can often stun plant growth.

EIHO Plant GH Plus recreates mineral-rich water that support fast aquatic plant growth. Essential trace elements are also provided to further boost growth. It raises the essential electrolyte content and provides balance to aquatic-life. Improvement in plant growth can be seen within 1-2 week of usage. Plants will start to bubble with sufficient light and CO2.

Safe to use with fishes and shrimps.

Proprietary blend of potassium, calcium, magnesium salts and essential trace elements.

1 spoon (3g/5ml) for 40L (after water change)

Generally, 1 spoonful will raise 3dkh for 20L.

Plant GH Plus can be use directly, but for optimum solubility, please mix with 1L of water. Water can be slight hazy during use but will clear up within 30mins. Suitable to be use in RO/DI water

How much to add?

Plants will have different preference. As a general guide, GH and KH is best maintain at about 3-7dkH.

To increase KH, we recommend Plant KH / Plant KH Plus

Caution: Keep out of reach from children.