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EIHO Plant Iron

by Eiho
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EIHO Plant Iron is a rich source of available iron for planted aquaria. The ironin Plant Iron is bound in chelates and natural organic acids. This allows the iron to be available to aquatic plants over time. The

recommended Iron level in planted aquaria should be between 0.05 to 0.2 mg/L.

Iron plays a major role in photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation (green pigments found on leaves). The first signs of iron deficiency will usually appear in new shoots. New leaves will appear pale due to loss of green pigments or in severe cases, leaves can turn white too.

Constant addition of EIHOTM Plant Iron will benefit the health and vitality of plants. Colour of green plants will appear more intense. The red pigments of red-colour plants will increase.

Do not contain phosphate or nitrate.

Add weekly to boost and maintain iron level.

1drop for 1L

1 cap (5ml) for 200L of water

1 cap (5ml) for 200L will increase 0.10mg/L of available iron.