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EIHO Plant KH Plus 250g

by Eiho
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EIHO Plant KH is formulated to increase and maintain carbonate hardness (KH) in planted aquaria. In natural plant aquatic environment, KH is often low (0-2dKH), However, in aquaria, with CO2 addition, it

is important to maintain carbonate hardness. The recommend KH is 2-5dkH

Under low KH conditions, with addition of CO2, pH can drop to dangerously low level. With a high KH level, the aquaria are buffered from major pH changes. This will create a more stable environment for plants and fishes. The recommend pH levels for planted aquaria are 6.4-7.0.

Use immediately after water change

1drop for 1L

1 cap (5ml) for 50L of water

This dosage will increase about 1dKH.

KH of different water source can differ greatly. First measure the dKH level of water source and add accordingly to increase the dKH.