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EIHO Plant Potassium

by Eiho
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EIHO Plant Potassium is formulated to repenish potassium in planted tanks. In aquatic plant environment, potassium is quickly taken up. The lack of potassium can limit the growth of plants and photosynthesis.

Common signs of potassium deficiency include stunt growth, low photosynthetic rate. Leaves can turn yellow or white too.

EIHO Plant Potassium safely increases potassium in the aquaria. Plant will appear more vibrant with constant addition of EIHO Plant Potassium.

Do not contain nitrate or phosphate

Overdosing will not cause algae growth

Use as daily fertilizer

1ml for 40L of water

1 cap (5ml) for 200L of water

Adjust dosage depending on plant intensity

For best result, use together with EIHO Plant Complete.