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Fire Red Shrimp (10 pcs)

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The Red Fire Shrimp, this shrimp is a deep blood red with with antennae that are used to signal fish with their cleaning services. The fire shrimp will hang out on a live rock overhang and wave their antennae about waiting for fish to come up to them at which point they will clean the body, fins and gills of the fish. It is really quite the sight to see the red fire shrimp doing this.


Common Name Fire Shrimp, Red Fire Shrimp, Blood Red Shrimp
Scientific Name Lysmata debelius
Care Level Easy
Maximum Size 3 cm
pH 8.1 - 8.4
Temperature 25°C - 28°C
Life Span 2 years and longer
Behaviour May fight with other red fire shrimp and possibly other cleaner shrimps
Tank Region Stays near its cave or ledge in the live rock.
Gender Hermaphrodites - has both male and female reproductive organs.

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1. Set live stock aside with transportation bag in room temperature place for 30 minutes.
2. Then transfer bag to float in aquarium for another 30 minutes
3. Use a fish net to transfer the live stock by scooping it from the bag into the tank.

NOTE: Do not release live stocks together with the transportation water into tank.