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GENCHEM Beta-G (prevent bacterial infection in shrimp)

by GenChem
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Boost immune functions
Enhances aquatic cells' antibacterial activity

Reducing and preventing the risk of bacterial infections in shrimp and fish. We're using Betaglucans (Beta-G) once every 1-2 weeks in all our tanks.

Genchem Beta-Glucan It is a natural herbal product that strengthens the immune system and has a neutral taste. Beta-glucan is obtained from the yeast cell forests of baker's yeast. Activates the main immune cells of the body.

Beta-G solves the problem that many freshwater prawns suffer from; molting problems. Shrimp often die as a result of flaking problems. Preventing bacterial diseases and fungal infections will keep the shrimp happy.

An inexpensive product adds 1/5 of a spoon (included in the package) per 100L once a week.

Application: once a week add 1/5 of the measuring spoon to 100 liters of water or add 1 tablespoon a day to 50 g of feed and feed.

Food Complements: with antioxidant