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GENCHEM Biomax 3 (complete feed for adult shrimp)

by GenChem
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Daily feed for crystal shrimp
Nutritional balance
Enhancement of pigment
Reliable replacement of fresh feeds
Water quality remains optimal
Induce moulting

Biomax Size 3 is designed for shrimp adults and it can be fed continuously from adulthood. Biomax increases the proportion of white, sharpens blurred edges, and enhances colors in shrimp. The healthy diet will prevent illnesses too. After feeding for 15 days, it will turn your dull coloured shrimps into bright and shining.

Main ingredients:
Biomax It is a coordinated composition that includes krill, fish, squid liver, lean meats, spirulina and seaweed, supplemented with vitamins, astaxanthin and trace elements.

Size 1: designed to baby shrimp contains valuable nutrients in order to improve survival rates.
Size 2: designed to juvenile shrimps with suitable particle size.
Size 3: designed to adult shrimps offers selected nutrients with breeding promotion.