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GENCHEM Biozyme (beneifical bacteria for shrimp)

by GenChem

Contains a blend of enzymes and amino acids that are essential for shrimp health.
Contains beneficial bacteria that decrease nitrite and ammonia
Improve and aid the metabolism of the digestive system
Replacement feed for baby shrimp

Biozyme It is a fine powder that is vital for shrimp. Biozyme contains amino acids and enzymes. Biomax biozyme increases the absorption rate of digestion of bacteria in the intestines and thus reduces the risk of bacterial infections in the intestines and hepatopancreas. It contains peptidase and α-amylase, among others. These two enzymes are important for shrimp digestion and help them break down starch into simple sugars and recycle proteins. Peptidase also has a supportive effect on antigen formation (diseased appearance). Biozyme also supports the immune system and the fine powder form makes it ideal for breeding. In addition to its vegetarian effects, the biozyme also reduces NO2 (nitrite) and NH4 (ammonium) and improves water quality.

Main ingredients:
Peptidase and α-amylase enzymes

50g per pack