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HAILEA Chiller - HC Series - UK 3-Pin Plug Edition

by Hailea

Hailea HC chillers have strong metal chassis with a housing of contemporary design,ensuring the chiller does not look out of place in any surroundings and as with other cooling units,our chillers-the HCseries use the environmental friendly refrigerant R134a.

Features & Benefits of Hailea Chillers,
  • Microcomputer control system for the convenience of user
  • Large refrigeration capacity. Aquarium can be refrigerated within a short period of time for temperature above 4 degrees celcius.
  • Utilizes the Freon-free R134a refrigerantĀ gas, which is safe and environment friendly (non oZone depleting)
  • Anti-corrosive pure titanium evaporator for fresh & sea water dual use
  • Temperature memory system that makes the chiller refrigerate continuously according to the previous temperature when the power is supplied again to protect the animals and plants in the aquarium.
  • Fantastic price point for those seeking a value-for-money product.
  • Practical designing and durable materials used contribute to a long lasting, functional product meeting the needs of aquarist
  • Lower noise design


Inclusion & Importance of UK 3 Pin Plugs,
Working on feedback from users and partners, and as an Appointed Distributor of HAILEA. East Ocean Aquatic has brought in the 3 pin plug versions of Hailea Chillers.
With this improved feature providing added Safety and Convenience, we hope you would have a better experience!

  • 3rd Pin provides grounding
  • Ensures safety from current leakage on the equipment, prevents electric shocks
  • 3 Pin plugs provide convenience and better fitting into the wall sockets


What is R134a Refrigerant?
R134a refers to the refrigerant gas used in chiller/air condition compressors.
It is a common refrigerant that is used in many air conditioning applications.

Due to the nature of R134a properties which is of a HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) refrigerant, it does not have any ozone depletion potential and has little greenhouse effect.Ā 


Technical Data:

Model: HC100A
Power: 1/20HP
Recommended Tank Size: 100L
Pump Water Flow: 200-1000l/h
Size: 338 x 218 x 325mm
Adaptor Diameter:Ā 12mm

Model:Ā HC300AĀ (discontinue - new model is HS66A or HK300A)
Power:Ā 1/3HP
Recommended Tank Size:Ā 300L
Pump Water Flow:Ā 200-1000l/h
Size:Ā 338 x 218 x 325mm
Adaptor Diameter:Ā 16mmĀ & 19mm

Model: HC500A (discontinue - new model is HS90A or HK500A)
Power: 1/2HP
Recommended Tank Size: 500L
Pump Water Flow: 400-1500l/h
Size: 420 x 248 x 365mm
Adaptor Diameter:Ā 16mm & 19mm

Model: HC1000A
Power: 1HP
Recommended Tank Size: 1000L
Pump Water Flow: 1500-4000l/h
Size: 520 x 400 x 480mm
Adaptor Diameter: 25mm

Model: HC2200BH
Power: 2HP
Recommended Tank Size: 2000L
Pump Water Flow: 3000-6000l/h
Size: 634 x 468 x 590mm
Adaptor Diameter:Ā 25mm

*When moving the chiller, always transport the chiller upright.

*After transport,and fixing up the chiller, allow it to sit for at least 3-6 hours before powering it up. This will allow the oil and fluid to flow back into the compressor and reduce chances of unnecessary damage.

*Due to the temperature hot and cold crossover, theĀ surfaceĀ of chiller will happen condensation so it will have water on the surface but it is not the chiller leakage, so don't worries about the water.