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HAILEA K-45 Tank (Black)

by Hailea
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This aquarium kit includes:
- Aquarium (K-60)
- Lighting
- Filtration system
- Cover / Lid


It is suggested to match your lighting system to a timer. This little investment would be key in your fight against the dreaded algae!
Getting a suitable light would help your plants flourish, and so would getting the amount light exposure. This could be brightness, PAR, or even the number of hours. Plan in advance. Purchase plants that have similar water and lighting requirements. Some planning now, would greatly save you and your wallet in future!

Filtration System,
The most important aspect of an aquarium setup, besides checking for leaks...
Consisting of 3 components mechanical, chemical and biological. One wrong move could throw your system off balance and in bad cases, lead to live stock death. 

Invest in good filters and filter media to prevent future issues. You may kickstart your nitrifying bacteria colonies with certain products such as JBL's Denitrol (Complete Beneficial Bacteria). This helps in shortening your filtration cycling down to a week or less. 

Covers / Lids,

Are especially important if you are keeping fishes like the hatchet fish, channa or arowanas. The covers help prevent the fishes from jumping out, and if you are feeding live critters, it keeps them in too. 
In addition, it keeps the humidity in. This is vital for some fishes w/ labyrinth organs and to prevent emersed plants from drying out. 
***Note: Do not place your tank under direct sunlight/heat sources. With a lid on, the tank may overheat.

Technical Specifications,
Model : K-45
Volume : 20 Litres
Size: 445 x 290 x 450mm
Internal Filter : HL-BT400
Lamp LED : 4watts
Black color