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HAILEA PC-8000 Pond Vacuum Cleaner

by Hailea
Product Highlights,
  • Pond Sludge vacuum for the highest demands.
  • Removes sludge and deposits
  • Capacity: 4,000 litres/H
  • Includes 2 tips
  • Full freedom of movement - no complicated appliances on the banks margin.
  • 4 Different interchangeable vacuum heads utilizing a Twist and Lock function.
  • 4 piping/poles provided for different lengths of reach
  • 2 hose to pipe clips to keep things tidy and organize. 
  • External filter bag includes a mesh filter lining and a strainer at the outlet to trap debris.
  • Remote control switch attachable to vacuum handle for convenience.  Main controls are attached directly to the Power cable.
  • Power cable connects to any wall sockets using a 3 pin plug for added safety.

Hailea PC8000, PC 8000,PC-8000