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HAILEA Pump - BP Series (6000-12000L/Hr) energy saving

by Hailea
Original price $170.00 - Original price $210.00
Original price
$170.00 - $210.00
Current price $175.00

A versatile pump for aquarium (fresh, marine) and ponds.
Outdoor weatherproof 5m wire.
Energy saving water pump! suitable for both freshwater and saltwater use
example: for 6000L/hr flow rate, Hailea BP 6000 uses 40w of power, other pump may use between 120-200w.
High lift as compare to older generation of water pump.
Features Inverter technology, energy efficient
Adopts high quality resin to seal the winding for safe use
High quality reinforced ABS material, anti corrosive and durable
Adopts precise high alumina ceramic shaft and sleeve, which is suitable for fresh/sea water
Extremely quiet motor operation

Technical Data

Power: 40W
Flow: 6000L / H
High: 4.5 M
Size:  221x130x185

Power: 58W
Flow: 8000L / H
High: 5 M
Size: 221x130x185

Power: 73W
Flow: 10000L / H
High: 6.5 M
Size: 235x130x185

Power: 88W
Flow: 12000L / H
High: 6.8 M
Size: 235x130x185