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HAILEA Spare Parts - BTP Series (Filter Sponge + Activated Carbon)

by Hailea

A filter cartridge replacement for your BTP Series filters.
Each set comprises of a sponge filter (mechanical filtration) and activated carbon (chemical filtration).
Please note the number of sets in each pack differs from model to model.

It is important to replace your filter cartridges often as the waste trapped can potentially overload the biological filtration capacity of your nitrifying bacteria colony.
This would lead to spikes in the nitrogen cycle and potentially kill your tank life stocks.
***It is advisable to replace the cartridges at least once a month.

***Please ensure you have selected the correct parts before purchasing. 
You may refer to the original instructions menu provided with your equipment, to obtain the part numbers. 


BTP 200 Filter Pack (x3 sets)
BTP 400 Filter Pack (x3 sets)
BTP 700 Filter Pack (x2 sets)
BTP 1000 Filter Pack