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IAQUA B90 Tank set (Black / White)

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An improved home for our aquatic buddies! (arowana aquarium)
Specifically designed for large monster fishes like Arowanas, Stingrays etc.
Our latest IAqua filtration keeps your water clean, and you buddies happy and healthy!

*For larger sizes, please call in for pre-order.

Pristine Sump Filtration (V6 SERIES) 
Multi-Tier Sump Filtration with an integrated drawer system for easy maintenance. See more at the end to view more on filter

High clarity crystal glass tank

Strong and lasting aluminum cabinet. 
Unlike wooden cabinets that rot from the humidity of sump tanks, IAQUA Aquariums uses sleek aluminum frames that are stronger and will withstand long term usage even at locations near the window

Filter compartment.
Designed by our in-house subject experts and hobbyists!