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Instant Aquarium Set 002 (Ready to enjoy)

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This Instant Aquarium is perfect for aquarium novices!

All you need to do is add water, and after 3 days you can introduce a variety of tropical fish such as guppies, tetras, mollies, and shrimp.

Setup includes
1. Tank 
2. Substrate / Gravel
3. Rock / Wood / Decoration
4. Live Plants

Tank : 36 x 22 x 26cm

Setup Lead time :  3 working days

** If you like this tank, We can Setup Similar design in the tank size you want.  Just contact us. 3 working days to setup

It is available for viewing at our shop if you wish to see before buying

Recommended Equipment:

  • Filter : Shiruba PF-240 Hang On Filter
  • Light : Frok P2 LED Mini (7 color mode setting to suit your liking)

Maintenance takes just 15-30 minutes a week.

Get our Starter kit, it has everything you need to get started in fish keeping
Add On

Starter Pack
Water Conditioner : JBL Biotopol 100ml
Beneficial Bacteria : JBL Denitrol 100ml
Liquid Fertilizer : JBL Ferropol 100ml

Essential Maintenance Pack
Water Change Siphon : Qanvee S300 Siphon
Fish net : Sudo Fish Net M
Water Change Bucket : UP Aqua Water Change Bucket M
Free Glass Cleaner sponge