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Instant Aquarium Set 016 (Ready to enjoy)

Sold out

This Instant Aquarium is perfect for aquarium novices!

All you need to do is add water, and after 3 days you can introduce a variety of tropical fish such as guppies, tetras, mollies, and shrimp.

Setup includes
1. Tank (Fluval Flex 57L)
2. Substrate / Gravel
3. Rock / Wood / Decoration
4. Live Plants

Setup Lead time :  3 working days

** If you like this tank, We can Setup Similar design in the tank size you want.  Just contact us.

It is available for viewing at our shop if you wish to see before buying

    Add On

    Starter Pack
    - Water Conditioner
    - Beneficial Bacteria
    - Liquid Fertilizer

    JBL Biotopol 100ml
    JBL Denitrol 100ml
    JBL Ferropol 100ml

    Essential Maintenance Pack
    - Water Change Siphon
    - Fish net
    - Water Change Bucket
    - Free Glass Cleaner sponge

    Qanvee S300 Siphon
    UP Aqua Water Change Bucket M
    Sudo Fish Net M

    Setup Lead time :  3 working days