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JBL AlgoPond Forte - Algae Growth Controller / Remover (500ml)

by JBL
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  • Algaecide to combat algae growth and/or eliminate algae in the garden pond.
  • For water to suit both fish and plants:
  • Easy to use: determine the required quantity, mix it with pond water in a watering can, pour it evenly over the surface of the pond.
  • Quick treatment against green water and thread algae by affecting the algae’s metabolism.
  • Does not contain any copper.
  • Contents: water conditioner AlgoPond Forte. Dosage: 50 ml per about 1000 l pond water.


Against algae in the garden pond

  • AlgoPond Forte combats all kinds of algae (green water and thread algae) highly effectively by systematically affecting the algae’s metabolism.

JBL’s zero-risk concept

  • Algae can pollute the pond water and thus cause damage to the fish and the plants in the pond. In collaboration with scientists JBL has developed a concept for a permanent removal of algae.

“1-2-3 algae-free”

  • Stabilise the water: increase the mineral content for anti-algae agents (JBL StabiloPond) to work more effectively
  • Combat algae: add a suitable anti-algae agent (JBL AlgoPond) into the water
  • Limit nutrients: remove the nutrients of dying algae (JBL PhosExPond)

Easy use of AlgoPond Forte:

  • Always use it in the morning. Determine the required quantity for the garden pond. Mix the calculated quantity with pond water in a watering can and spread it evenly over the pond. Don’t filter through activated carbon. Switch off any UVC devices for a week After use do not bathe in swimming ponds for 5 days.


  • 50 ml per approx. 1000 l pond water.




What happens to the algae after I use an anti-algae agent?

> Any anti-algae agent, such as JBL AlgoPond forte, AlgoPond green or Algol cause the dead algae to decompose biologically and then be broken down bacterially. This in turn leads to an enormous oxygen consumption by the bacteria (nitrification) and to the release of the nutrients nitrate and phosphate, which were "bound" in the algae. In principle, this feeds the next generation of algae. This is the reason why JBL always recommends binding the released nutrients as the last step in algae control after the targeted control of the algae with an anti-algae agent. Since it is sufficient to remove one of the two nutrients, we recommend you remove the phosphate, and this can easily be carried out with a good phosphate remover (JBL PhosEx Pond or JBL PhosEx).

By the way, it is always better to remove dying or dead algae by hand. The fewer algae are degraded, the fewer nutrients are released again!


Can I use several anti-algae agents together in the pond?

> Each JBL anti-algae agent has a special purpose. It is therefore not necessary to use several AlgoPond products at the same time. Use AlgoPond Green to combat green water. Use AlgoPond forte for thread algae and all other types of algae. If you want to change the product, allow a time interval of 14 days, a water change of at least 50 % and filtering via activated carbon. The products StabiloPond and PhosEx may, of course, be used together with an AlgoPond algae agent according to the 1-2-3 algae-free principle.


Is JBL AlgoPond Forte safe for fish?

> With proper dosage and application JBL AlgoPond Forte is safe for fish.


Why should JBL AlgoPond Forte be used in the mornings?

> During the day the pH value increases to potentially very high values, especially when there is an algae plague. With high pH values the effectiveness of JBL AlgoPond Forte is reduced. It is therefore important to stabilize the water in the evening as required, and then to carry out an algae treatment in the morning, when the pH value is reduced.


In the instructions of JBL AlgoPond Forte it says that UV-C devices should be switched off for a week. Is it one week before or after use?

> The UV-C devices should be switched off for a week, starting at the beginning of the treatment (the addition of JBL AlgoPond Forte).


Should the plants stay in the water before a treatment with JBL AlgoPond Forte, or would it be better to take them out?

> Used correctly JBL AlgoPond Forte is well tolerated by plants, so that the plants can remain in the garden pond. However with repeated applications sensitive pond plants like the watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spec.) can be damaged.


I followed the instructions and used JBL StabiloPond KH in the evenings and JBL Algo Pond Forte in the mornings. But I couldn’t see any difference.

> It is the correct procedure to use JBL StabiloPond in the evenings and JBLPond Forte in the mornings. However, depending on the conditions in the pond, the active substance needs 2-5 days before a reduction in algae growth becomes apparent. This cannot become apparent within a few hours. If necessary an additional dosage of AlgoPond Forte can be applied. This is useful in individual cases, when there is a very high level of algae growth.


Can I use JBL PhosEx Pond Direct directly after JBL AlgoPond?

> Do not use JBL PhosExPond Direct directly after JBL AlgoPond Forte. It is better to wait for about 3-4 days, until the algae have been visibly reduced and the nutrients, stored in the algae cells, have been released. Only then is the phosphate precipitation with JBL PhosExPond Direct useful and effective.

The same also applies to the control of thread algae with JBL AlgoPond Direct and the follow-up treatment with JBL PhosEx Pond Direct.