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JBL Aquarium Thermometer Slim

by JBL
SKU J61407

Made in Germany,

Slim glass thermometer for aquariums

  • Precise measurement and healthy fish: high accuracy glass thermometer for aquariums
  • Easy to install: attach thermometer with suction cup in the aquarium, read off temperature
  • 15 cm long glass capillary (very precise reading), made in Germany. Temperature range from 0 - 50 °C
  • Acid and alkali-resistant suction holder
  • Package contents: 1 aquarium thermometer incl. suction cup


Healthy fish and plants
Fish depend on the right ambient temperature because, being cold-blooded animals, they are not able to adjust their own body temperatures. The vital functions of cold-blooded animals decrease with falling temperatures. The right aquarium temperature is therefore very important to ensure the animals maintain their food intake and guarantee a smooth continuation of the metabolic processes.
Depending on the origin of the fish, the temperature they feel comfortable at, varies. With the JBL aquarium thermometer Slim you can monitor the temperature to an accuracy of 1.0 °C. Precise measurement Thanks to a suction cup the glass thermometer can be easily attached inside the aquarium.



Why doesn’t the thermometer stick to the pane?
Please clean the pane thoroughly before you install the thermometer. Algae, biofilms and lime can prevent it from sticking. If the thermometer still doesn’t hold, there may be a problem with the suction cup. Due to a material defect some suction cups have bubble-like excrescences which prevent a correct hold. If you own such a suction cup, please contact our customer service, and provide a photo.

The JBL thermometer or the JBL aquarium thermometer is broken. It contains a red liquid. What does the red liquid consist of and is it toxic?
The thermometer doesn’t contain any mercury. The liquid contains an alcohol solution with colouring. It is non-toxic. Both ingredients are quickly broken down by the bacteria in the aquarium. Furthermore the diluting effect should be taken into consideration. The silvery pearls are an iron compound and are therefore harmless. Simply siphon them out of the aquarium.