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JBL Ceramic Spawning Cave

by JBL
SKU J61501
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JBL Ceramic spawning cave
Ceramic cave for freshwater aquariums

  • For fish who love caves: ceramic spawning cave for freshwater aquariums, made of neutral fired clay
  • Place for storing eggs: for cave breeding fish such as long-whiskered cat fish and rainbow kribs
  • Outside the breeding season: hiding place
  • Neutral design, for freshwater aquariums.
  • Package contents: 1 ceramic spawning cave. Height: 12.5, Ø 11.5 cm


For fish who love caves The ceramic spawning cave, made from neutral fired clay, provides cave breeder fish with a hideout for storing their eggs or as a hiding place outside their breeding season.

The cave is suitable for freshwater aquariums and is mostly used by cave breeders, such as long-whiskered cat fish and purple cichlids. Its neutral design helps it blend into any aquarium.