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JBL ClipSafe 12/16mm

by JBL
SKU J61091

JBL ClipSafe
Multi-purpose hose clips for aquarium hoses with 12 - 16 mm

  • Attach aquarium hoses, e.g. when changing the water, simply and securely to the aquarium edge and bucket
  • Easy to use: simply push the plastic clip onto the aquarium and bucket edges. Push the hose into the clips when not in use or to prevent it from accidentally slipping out
  • Safe: prevents flooding and wet floors caused by uncontrolled movements of the hose
  • Two holder sizes: for 12 and 16 mm hose diameter
  • Package contents: 2 multi-purpose hose clips (12-16 mm)


Multi-purpose hose clips
The JBL multi-purpose hose clips avert wet floors and flooding when working on the aquarium. The hoses can reliably be attached to the bucket or to the aquarium and thus they avoid uncontrolled movements of the hose.
The clips have holders for hose sizes of 12 and 16 mm in diameter.