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JBL Fish Handling Cup

by JBL
SKU J95425

BL Fish handling cup
Fish catching box for private use and sales purposes

  • Purpose built: fish catching box for aquarium sales displays and private aquarium systems.
  • Easy to use: convenient handle
  • Can be attached to facility in 2 positions
  • Robust and transparent high-quality plastic
  • Contents: fish catching box, dimensions (L/H/W): 200/120/120 mm

Practical attachment box for aquarium systems
The JBL fish catching cup has been especially designed for catching fish. With convenient handle. The cup is easy to attach to the system in 2 positions. The cup is made of almost unbreakable, transparent plastic.


How do you clean the fish catching box?

The fish catching box is easy to clean of impurities using lukewarm water and a soft cloth/sponge (e.g. the JBL WishWash). Sharp cleaners or a dishwasher are not recommended as these can cause damage to the plastic.