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JBL FixSet 16/22 CristalProfi e1500/1,2

by JBL
SKU J60154
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Universal set with suction pads and spacers for external filters,

  • Accessory for external filters: suction pad and spacer set for pipes and hoses
  • Easy to install: connect the clips to the suction pad, attach to the pipe or hose, attach in desired position
  • 2 suction pads with clips: distance from pipe centre to wall 2 cm, 2 suction pads with spacer clips: distance from pipe centre to pane: 3.5 cm
  • Separately available: with 2 spacers of different lengths (2 & 3.5 cm) tubes or hoses can always be fixed correctly to the pane
  • Package contents: universal set with suction cups and spacers, incl. 2 suction cups, 2 clips 2 cm and 2 clips 3.5 cm


Secure hold for hoses and tubes in the aquarium:
The filter tubes of external filters need to be securely fixed to the aquarium glass panes so that they cannot accidentally slip out, yet glass bars on the upper aquarium rim can make this more difficult. The JBL FixSet includes 2 spacers of different lengths which will fix the tubes/hoses correctly, even where glass bars pose a potential hinderance to attachment.

Suction cups:
Rubber suction cups age over time. The harder the water (a lot of magnesium and calcium) the faster the rubber hoses and suction cups age. If the suction power decreases or is no longer guaranteed, they definitely need to be replaced.



Do the suction cups and spacers fit on hoses and pipes?

The universal set with suction cup and spacer (JBL FixSet) can be used for both round tubes and aquarium hoses of the appropriate diameter. The holders are available in the sizes 12/16 mm, 16/22 mm and 19/27 mm.