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JBL LimCollect II (Snail Trap)

by JBL
SKU J61401

  • Catches unwanted snails, shrimps or crabs in the aquarium: chemical-free snail trap with variable height limit of the inlet.
  • Easy to use: fill the snail trap with food, insert rods to the desired height, place the snail trap in the aquarium overnight.
  • Two small rods for the variable height limit: to prevent fish from entering unintentionally. Also suitable for catching shrimps or crabs.
  • Water flow: no oxygen problems for fish caught unintentionally.
  • Package contents: 1 chemical-free snail trap, Lim Collect II. Size: 11.7 x 9 cm.



Chemical-free and harmless:

  • Due to excessive feeding snails in the aquarium can reproduce rapidly.
  • With the chemical-free snail trap Lim Collect II snails can be harmlessly and effectively caught and thus reduced in the aquarium.

Lim Collect II:

  • The chemical-free snail trap has 2 small rods, which can be variably inserted in height to prevent fish from entering unintentionally.
  • Should this still happen, the fish will not get any oxygen problems because of the water supply. The trap is also suitable to catch shrimp or crabs.

Easy to use:

  • At night most fish have a resting phase. The exception are nocturnal fish such as many armored catfish.
  • There is therefore only a low probability that smaller fish will enter the trap at night.
  • Fill the snail trap with food, select the height to insert the rods and place the snail trap in the aquarium.
  • Due to the inside leading struts, the snails will not be able to leave the trap again.



JBL LimCollect II: Why is it ideal to only use the snail trap at night? And does "night" refer to the biological night or to the daytime without lighting as well ?

> At night, most fish have a rest phase of sorts (although this does not refer to sleep per se). Nocturnal fish such as many loricariid catfish are an exception. Accordingly, the risk of smaller-sized fish passing the fish trap is smaller at night.

This refers to the biological night, i.e. night by definition and not during the daytime without lighting.