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JBL Manado Dark 3L

by JBL
SKU J67035


  • Perfect for the plant care in freshwater aquariums. Its porous structure promotes the growth of roots. Suitable for digging fish.
  • Nutrient buffer with high iron content. Is capable of storing excess nutrients, to release them again when needed. The high iron content is absorbed by plant roots.
  • Activates the soil flora by motivating the quick and effective colonisation of beneficial ground bacteria.
  • This inhibits the growth of unwanted algae, reducing the work-load on the filter and ensuring crystal-clear water.
  • Accentuates the beauty of the fish: its dark-brown tone highlights their colours and combines with the green and red tones of the aquatic plants to create a harmonious appearance.
  • Ready-to-use substrate which needs to be rinsed once in tap water before use. Available in various packaging sizes.



Successful plant care:

  • The natural substrate activates the soil flora and is ideal for plant care.
  • The nutrient buffer with battery effect (releases nutrients until it is depleted and can be reloaded through new fertilisation) is water-neutral and round-shaped.
  • As a result it is ideally suited for digging fish species such as cat fish and loaches.

Combination with long-term nutrient substrate:

  • A supplement with JBL ProFlora AquaBasis plus as long-term nutrient substrate with JBL Manado Dark as a covering layer guarantees luxuriant plant growth even for very demanding plants.


  • Rinse briefly with lukewarm tap water before use to remove any abrasion rubbed off during transport.

Calculation formula:

  • The right amount of substrate: length (cm) x width (cm) : 200 = litres substrate with 5 cm thickness



Are the initial If iron flowers (flos ferri) harmful to invertebrates?

> No, because the iron is already oxidised and no longer freely available in the water. Plants, however, can reabsorb it through their roots if the iron flowers are not removed or completely stirred into the soil.


Why do brown stains form on the bottom after inserting JBL Manado Dark?

> JBL Manado Dark is a natural product. This may initially lead to a slightly increased iron content and raised hardness values, which will normalise in the course of several water changes. In soft water a harmless iron efflorescence can occur. Rinse JBL Manado Dark briefly with tap water before use to remove any abrasion rubbed off during transport.

If iron flowers (flos ferri) occur, you can rest assured. There is no danger for your invertebrates and fish. Plants absorb iron through their roots. You can siphon the iron flowers with a fine air hose, stir them into the soil and change 50% of the water every 2nd day for the first 10 days. This reduces the effect.