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JBL NovoFlower Mini 250ml (Granules For Smaller Flowerhorns)

by JBL
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  • Complete food sticks for large Flowerhorn cichlids

  • Perfect nutrition for small to medium-sized Flowerhorn cichlids up to 12 cm length.
  • Outstanding colouring due to high astaxanthin content. Faster head development due to high mineral contents
  • Multivitamin mix creates resistance to diseases.
  • Balanced content of proteins and fats ensure healthy growth and the formation of the typical fore
    head hump.
  • Contents: 1 x 250 ml tin complete food granulate for Flowerhorn cichlids. 100 ml is sufficient for a 60 l aquarium for 20 days.
  • Use within 4 months after opening.
  • In high-quality sealed foil packaging. Can be stored unopened for 4 years.


***It is advised to feed your fishes as per the instructions. Over feeding may lead to algae blooms and/or poor water quality.



  • Flowerhorn cichlids are a cross of Central American cichlides (e.g. Amphilophus Trimaculatus or Amphilophus Citrinellus).
  • Especially the male animals develop an enormous forehead hump which gives them the characteristic appearance.
  • Flowerhorn cichids are particularly popular in Asia. In many European countries they are classified as inhumanely bred and therefore not allowed to be traded.



  • Crude protein (46.0%)
  • Crude fat (6.0%)
  • Crude fibre (1.8%)
  • Crude ash (9.5%)



How long does the food keep after opening?

>Please ensure you buy a packaging size suitable for your aquarium/terrarium/pond so that the quantity contained is used up within 4 months. Compare it with a tin of biscuits lying around for several months. When properly stored they are not necessarily soggy, but they are not quite as tasty as when the packet was opened. Therefore it is not advisable to use the food after this time.

The repeated opening and closing of the packaging brings the food into contact with bacteria and humidity over a longer storage period. Thus the quality of the premium food reduces continuously and this influences the vitamin content and the freshness of the food. For the benefit of your animals you always should feed them fresh food.