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JBL pH Minus (pH Reduction)

by JBL
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  • or aquarium water to suit both fish and plants in freshwater aquariums, in turtle tanks and in shrimp tanks.
  • Rapid decrease of the pH value thanks to natural oak extract, phosphate-free.
  • The ideal pH value for most freshwater fish and plants is in the neural range around 7. Tip: the carbonate hardness should be at least 4 °dKH.
  • Use with pH values >8: 10 ml/40 l water, pH value 7-8: 10 ml/80 l water, pH values <7: no adding of JBL pH-Minus.
  • Contents: 1 bottle pH Minus.
  • To use: 10ml/40 l water.



Nature at Home – Home for Fish and Plants

  • Fish need to be as comfortable in the aquarium as they are in nature.
  • Water dwellers have adapted to the acidity (pH value) of their habitat and also need to find similar conditions in the aquarium.
  • The wrong pH value not only means stress for the aquarium dwellers but it also can be the cause for diseases or it can reduce their lifespan.
  • The JBL water conditioners decrease or increase the pH level and make the water ideally suited to the requirements of the fish once more.
  • Benefits of the JBL water conditioners Rapid decrease of the pH value thanks to natural oak extract, phosphate-free.



Can JBL AquaDur plus be used together with JBL pH-Minus ?

> It is not advisable to use the two products together. JBL pH-Minus cancels part of the desired water-stabilising effect of JBL AquaDur.


Can JBL Clynol, JBL Acclimol and JBL pH-Minus be used in a shrimp tank ?

> Basically, all 3 of the water conditioners mentioned can be used in a shrimp tank.

However, when JBL pH-Minus is used, it’s important that it is only used in relation to the carbonate hardness. It is best to add JBL pH-Minus to the water intended for the water change and to then measure the carbonate hardness, which should not be less than 3-4. JBL Acclimol is suitable for shrimps, but is better suited for fish. JBL Clynol is beneficial for shrimps but you also need to add JBL Biotopol C, a water conditioner especially developed for shrimps.