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JBL PROSCAPE Volcanic Mineral (3L/9L)

by JBL
SKU J67077
  • Volcanic rock substrate as stable foundation for rock and root wood constructions: dedicated substrate for aquascaping aquariums.
  • Basis substrate for natural aquariums: porous volcanic rock ensures water circulation at the bottom.
  • Supplies plant roots with organic plant nutrients.
  • Vigorous plant growth: ideal oxygen supply and circulation through open-pored structure. Long-term supply with nutrients and minerals.
  • Safe foundation, no slipping: volcanic rock becomes firmly interlocked. Ideally suited for a firm foundation.
  • Contents: 1 bag ProScape Volcano Mineral.



Underwater gardener:

  • Aquascaping is the term used for designing aquarium landscapes.
  • This is where plant compositions, reproductions of landscapes above water or natural biotopes are created.
  • An aquascaping aquarium contains no or few fish and invertebrates.
  • This way the nutrient supply for plants is reduced and their growth is limited. Nitrogens, phosphorus and other minerals become scarce substances and need controlled and exact re-dosing.
  • For healthy growth in their beautiful underwater landscape the plants need light, CO2 and the right nutrients.

Volcanic rock:

  • The highly porous volcanic rock fulfils important functions in an aquascaping aquarium:
  • Firstly it forms a stable foundation for further rock constructions and/or root wood, which would otherwise slip downwards through the soil.
  • Secondly many beneficial bacteria settle inside the porous structure.
  • The porousness of the rock structure also enables the nutrient to penetrate it and it thus supplies numerous minerals enabling the plants to take root and grow well inside it.
  • The calculation formula for the right amount of substrate is: length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm): 1000 = litres JBL ProScape VolcanoMineral.



May I use an undergravel heating cable for this substrate?

> Yes, this combination with an undergravel heating cable is no problem.