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JBL Suction Cups 23mm (2pcs/pkt)

by JBL
SKU J60408
  • Rubber holder with robust clip.
  • Easy to attach: click the object into the clip, position it in the desired place.
  • Stable hold: holds all objects with 23 - 28 mm diameter.
  • Clip and suction holder can be separated.
  • Contents: 1 pack suction pads 23 - 28 mm with clips, incl. 2 suction pads, 2 clips.


Fixing objects in the aquarium.

  • With the JBL rubber holder you can easily and reliably attach objects such as thermometers inside the aquarium.

Easy to attach:

  • Click the object into the clip and position it where you want.


A whitish, fluffy film forms on the suction cups. What is that ?

> This is a colonisation of harmless fungi which settle on the pieces of plastic. They will disappear on their own after a while.