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JBL Biotopol T 50ml (Turtle Water Conditioner)

by JBL
SKU J71001

  • For reptiles and amphibians in terrariums and aqua-terrariums: water conditioner for the conversion of tap water into physiologically suitable bathing and drinking water.
  • Removes aggressive chlorine and chloramine, absorbs toxic heavy metals.
  • Improves health of reptile and amphibian skin thanks to valuable plant extracts and vitamin B.
  • Promotes problem-free shedding.
  • Contents: water conditioner for terrariums, Biotopol T.
  • Designed for treating the water in terrariums, vivariums, paludariums etc.



Healthy water:

  • The water conditioner Biotopol T converts tap water to bathing water which is physiologically suitable for reptiles and amphibians.
  • It removes aggressive chlorine and chloramine and quickly absorbs toxic heavy metals.
  • Conditioning the water improves the health of the reptile and amphibian skin with precious plant extracts and vitamin B.
  • In addition it encourages a problem-free shedding of the skin.


  • 1 ml per 4 l water or 1 screw cap per 15 l.