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JBL BiotoPond 500ml (Pond Water Conditioner w/ Stress Coat , Vitamins)

by JBL
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  • Pond environment to suit fish: water conditioner for a healthy pond environment and for the protection against stress and diseases.
  • Easy to use: calculate the amount needed, mix it with pond water in a watering can, pour it evenly over the pond.
  • Promotion of planth growth through plant availability of iron, protection for gills, skin and fins through organic protective colloids, care through aloe vera, vitamin B complex for the protection against stress and diseases.
  • Absorption of toxic heavy metals, complete removal of chlorine and chloramine.
  • Contents: water conditioner, BiotoPond. Dosage: 30-50 g/1000 l pond water.


Healthy Pond Environment:

  • A freshwater supply, such as rain, tap or well water can have a negative influence on pond water.
  • Through a regular check of the water values negative changes can be detected and remedied immediately to maintain a healthy pond environment.

Healthy Fish – Healthy Pond:

  • The water conditioner BiotoPond protects gills, skin and fins of the fish through protective organic colloids and nourishes them with aloe vera.
  • A vitamin complex protects the fish against stress and reduces the risk of diseases. Poisonous heavy metals such as copper, lead, zinc, e.g. from rain gutters, are neutralized permanently.
  • Dangerous chlorine and chloramine from tap water are eliminated quickly and completely.
  • JBL BiotoPond makes iron available for plants and supports their growth.

Correct use of the water conditioner:

  • Shake the bottle vigorously for one minute. Mix the required quantity with pond water in a watering can and distribute it evenly over the pond.


  • 30 – 50 g/1000 l pond water.