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JBL Blue Foam Coarse 50x50

by JBL
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JBL Coarse Filter Foam
Coarse foam for filters to combat all kinds of water cloudiness

  • Quick elimination of cloudiness in freshwater and saltwater aquariums and in ponds: reusable foam for the use in filter
  • Easy to use: cut the foam to the size you need (suitable for all filters). Layer as filter stage for pre- and long-term filtering
  • Crystal-clear water: filters off floating algae and all kinds of clouding. Provides very large surface for the settlement of cleansing bacteria
  • No release of harmful substances – water neutral fine foam with 10 ppi pore size
  • Contents: 1 washable foam filter mat for aquariums (50x50 cm) for all types of filter.


  • Height: 5 cm
  • Size: 50x50 cm
  • Net weight: 306 g
  • Animal size: For all animal sizes
  • Animal age group: All aquarium fish
  • Volume habitat: For all aquariums
  • Material: polyether
  • Colour: blue


Easy to use:
Cut foam about 1-2 mm larger than the relevant cross section of the filter and put it into the filter as the last filter stage. Avoid gaps between the inner wall and filter. Coarse-pored foam as long-term filter material.


Absolutely safe:
No release of pollutants into the water thanks to neutral foam. Open-pored through dedicated high-pressure treatment.


Quality of foam:
Foams used in aquaristics with live animals must always be subjected to a pollutant test, as most plastics release problematic plasticisers into the water. All the plastics used by JBL have passed this test and do NOT release any harmful substances into the water.

Cleaning of plastics:
For many months it is sufficient to rinse the dirty filter sponges under lukewarm running water and then inoculate them with filter bacteria (JBL FilterStart) before using them again. However, as mechanical cleaning NEVER leads to complete cleaning and dirt will remain in the filter sponge, it is recommended you replace the filter sponges about every 6 months.